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Current SWFT Status:   GREEN

Current SWFT+ Status: GREEN



GREEN     : System is fully functional without any issues.

YELLOW  : System is experiencing functionality issues or partial outage.

RED          : System is down and users do not have access to the application.


                                                                                       Last Updated: February 6, 2020


(02/06/2020) ATTENTION Industry Users of SWFT:

DCSA implemented the IntraGovernmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) transaction process for monthly invoices and collection process for all customers.   Effective 1 February 2020, the IPAC/OPAC code for Industry has changed to a new ALC code.  This code now must be used for all industry fingerprint submissions. Please log into the SWFT for further guidance and also refer to an updated Scanner Configuration and Registration Guide that is available in the SWFT Help section.



(10/30/2019) Users Receiving Warning when Accessing SWFT Website: Users may receive an error of "SITE NOT SECURE" or "SITES TLS SETTINGS ARE OUT OF DATE" when trying to access JPAS, DCII, DISS or SWFT. In order to fix the issue please visit and then navigate to page 5 and run the "INSTALLROOT 5.5 NIPR 64-BIT WINDOWS INSTALLER." If blocked by your system administrator, please get in contact with your local IT support team for assistance.


(05/01/2019) Regular Informational Webinars Every Third Thursday of the Month:

DMDC provides regular monthly webinars for SWFT users and administrators.

Webinars occur every 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT).

Log into the SWFT or contact the DMDC SWFT Coordinator to obtain connection info.


(01/01/2019) Fingerprints from Unapproved Devices are Rejected:

Fingeprints produced by devices that have not been registered in SWFT and approved for test or production by the SWFT Coordinator are automatically rejected. Refer to the SWFT Scanner Configuration and Registration Guide for details.


(01/01/2019) Regular Periodic Maintenance Outage:

SWFT system is unavailable every Friday from 6 PM ET to Saturday 3 AM ET due to maintenance. Other system outages may be scheduled and announced as needed.



SWFT is a web-enabled system for the collection and transmission of electronic fingerprints for applicants requiring a background investigation for a personnel security clearance. SWFT eliminates the paper-based capture and handling of fingerprints, expedites the background check process by reducing invalid fingerprint submissions, provides end-to-end accountability for sensitive PII data, and implements stringent security standards for all electronic transactions.

SWFT Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) is a web-based application for collection of biographic and biometric data by means of users’ own fingerprint capture workstations. SWFT+ integrates the data into standard electronic biometric files and forwards them to SWFT, which then transmits the files to authorized destinations. SWFT+ is not available to Industry at this time.


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